Mike Seeger


A list of recordings, books, and videos that Mike produced, played on, or contributed to many of them still available.

Sound Recordings

Mike Seeger

FOLKWAYS (see note on Folkways recordings below)
*FA 2325 Oldtime Country Music (1962)
*FH 5273 Tipple, Loom and Rail: Songs of the Industrialization of the South (1965) Notes by Archie Green
VSD 79150 Mike Seeger (1964)
SRM 1-627 Music from True Vine (1971)
SRM 1-685 Second Annual Farewell Reunion (1973)
*0262 Fresh Oldtime - String Band Music (1988)
**0278 Solo - Oldtime Country Music (1991) Grammy Nominee
**0313 Third Annual Farewell Reunion (1994) Grammy Nominee
**0383 Way Down in North Carolina (1996) with Paul Brown
**40107 Southern Banjo Sounds (1998) Grammy Nominee
**40136 True Vine (2003)
**40157 Early Southern Guitar Sounds (2007)

Mike Seeger with the New Lost City Ramblers

*SF 40036 The New Lost City Ramblers: The Early Years, 1958-1962
*SF 40040 The New Lost City Ramblers: Volume II, 1963-1973, Out Standing in Their Field
**SF 40098 There Ain't No Way Out (1997) Grammy Nominee
**SFW 40180 50 Years: Where Do You Come From? Where Do You Go? (2009) 3-CD set; includes SF 40036 and SF 40040 above
FOLKWAYS (originally issued as LPs, available on CD by request; see note on Folkways recordings below)
*FA 2396 New Lost City Ramblers (1958)
*FA 2397 New Lost City Ramblers, Volume 2 (1959)
*FA 2398 New Lost City Ramblers, Volume 3 (1961)
*FA 2399 New Lost City Ramblers, Volume 4 (1961)
*FA 2395 New Lost City Ramblers, Volume 5 (1962, released 1963)
*FC 7064 Old Timey Songs for Children (1959, originally a 10" disc)
*FH 5264 Songs from the Depression (1959)
*FA 2494 Tom Paley, John Cohen and Mike Seeger Sing Songs of the New Lost City Ramblers (1961)
*FH 5263 American Moonshine and Prohibition (1962)
*FA 2491 Gone to the Country (1963)
*FA 2492 String Band Instrumentals (1964)
*FA 2496 Rural Delivery Number One (1965)
*FTS 31035 Remembrance of Things to Come (1966)
*FTS 31027 Modern Times (1968)
*FTS 31015 Cousin Emmy with the New Lost City Ramblers (1968)
*FTS 31041 On the Great Divide (1973)
*EPC 602 The New Lost City Ramblers (1961, a 7" disc)
*FF 869 Earth is Earth (1961, a 7"disc)
*EPC 603 Radio Special #1 (1963, a 7" disc)
*FF 70090 20th Anniversary Concert, with Elizabeth Cotten, Highwoods String Band, Pete Seeger & the Green Grass Cloggers (1978) Grammy Nominee
**0481 40 Years of Concert Recordings (2001)
*77011-2 The New Lost City Ramblers & Friends (1963-5, released 1994) with Cousin Emmy, Maybelle Carter, Eck Robertson, Roscoe Holcomb, Dock Boggs and Sam & Kirk McGee.

Mike Seeger with Others

**ACD 37 Retrograss David Grisman, John Hartford, and Mike Seeger (1999) Grammy Nominee
*DA 80 Mike and Peggy Seeger (1966)
**8001 American Folksongs for Children with Peggy Seeger (1977) 2-CD set
*0268/9 American Folksongs for Christmas with Penny and Peggy Seeger and members of their families (1989) 2-CD set
**8023/4 Animal Folksongs for Children - and Other People Penny, Barbara, Peggy & Mike Seeger, and their children. (1992) 2-CD set
KING (Japan)
SKK 662 Mike and Alice Seeger in Concert (1970)
*9003 Strange Creek Singers (1968-70, reissued on CD 1997)
**5SP08003 Alice Gerrard and Mike Seeger (2008). Rerelease of GREENHAYS GR 704 Alice and Mike (1980)
*415 Old Time Music Dance Party A.Roebic & the Exertions: Molsky, Brown, McMillian, Seeger & Newhall (1986)

Field Collections Recorded and/or Edited by Mike Seeger

*SF 40009 Elizabeth Cotten (1957,1989)
*SF 40037 American Banjo, Three Finger & Scruggs Style (1956, 1990)
*SF 40038 Mountain Music, Bluegrass Style (1958, 1990)
*SF 40022 The Country Gentlemen (1959, 1990)
**SF 40097 Close To Home, Old-time Music From Mike Seeger's Collection - 1952-1967 (1997)
*SF 40108 Dock Boggs: His Folkways Years 1963-1968 (1998)
*SF 40147 Elizabeth Cotten: Shake Sugaree (1965,6; 2004)
*SF 40158 The Lilly Brothers & Don Stover: Bluegrass at the Roots, 1961 (1961, 2005)
*SF 40115 Masters of Old-time Country Autoharp: Ernest Stoneman, Kenneth & Neriah Benfield and Kilby Snow (1957 61, 2006)
FOLKWAYS (originally issued as LPs, available on CD by request; see note on Folkways recordings below)
*FA 2314 American Banjo Tunes and Songs in the 'Scruggs' Style (1956)
(remastered with a few items deleted and addition of much previously unissued material as SF 40037, above)
*FA 2315 The Stoneman Family & Old Time Southern Music (1957)
*FG 3526 Elizabeth Cotten (1957) (reissued as SF 40009)
*FA 2318 Mountain Music, Bluegrass Style (1958) (remastered with previously unissued material as SF 40038)
*FA 2409 The Country Gentlemen (1959) (reissued as SF 40022)
*FA 2433 The Lilly Brothers and Don Stover (1961)
*FA 2434 The 37th Old Time Fiddler's Convention at Union Grove, NC (1961)
*FA 2365 Mountain Music Played on the Autoharp (1956-61)
*FA 2363 Roscoe Holcomb & Wade Ward (1956-61) co-recorded and edited with E Davidson & J Cohen)
*FA 2351 Dock Boggs, Legendary Singer & Banjo Player (1963)
*FA 2379 McGee Brothers & Arthur Smith, Oldtimers of the Grand Ole Opry (1957)
*FH 5458 Dock Boggs: Edited Interviews (1963)
*FA 2392 Dock Boggs, Volume 2 (1964)
*FTS 31003 Elizabeth Cotten, Volume 2 (1965-6)
*FTS 31007 McGee Brothers & Arthur Smith, Milk 'em in the Evening Blues (1965)
*AH 3902 (Asch) Kilby Snow: Country Songs and Tunes with Autoharp (1966)
*AH 3903 (Asch) Dock Boggs, Volume 3 (1963-8)
FA 2436 Berkeley Farms: Oldtime and Country-Style Music of Berkeley, California Various artists. (1970)
*FA 3537 Elizabeth Cotten, Volume 3: When I'm Gone (1965-78)
*RF 54 Dock Boggs, His Original Recordings (1983)
*9009 Sam McGee: Grand Dad of the Country Guitar Pickers (1969-70)
202 Eck Robertson, Famous Cowboy Fiddler (1992)
*0299 Lesley Riddle Meets the Carter Family (1993)
*322 Louis Boudreault, Oldtime Fiddler of Chicoutimi, Quebec Co-recorded with Alice Gerrard (1977)


13008 Mike Seeger - Fret 'n' Fiddle (1988, 1994)


*Homemade American Music, a film by Yasha Aginsky. Mike Seeger, Alice Gerrard, Tommy Jarrell, Roscoe Holcomb, Lily May Ledford, Elizabeth Cotten, Hank Bradley, Tracy Schwarz, Dewey Balfa, Irene Herrmann, Stefan Senders, Jody Stecher, many others. (1978)
**The New Lost City Ramblers in Always Been A Rambler, a film by Yasha Aginsky. Also with Dock Boggs, Maybelle Carter, Doc Watson, Elizabeth Cotten, and others. (2009)


*Old-Time String Band Songbook (formerly The New Lost City Ramblers Songbook) edited by Mike Seeger & John Cohen, 1964

Video Recording and Book

**SF DV 48006 Talking Feet Solo Southern Dance: Flatfoot, Buck and Tap
*142 page book also available. (1984, 2006)

Instructional Recordings and Booklets


*Autoharp (CD)
*Old-Time Country Mandolin (CD)

**DVD-SEE-BJ21 Old-time Banjo Styles with Etta Baker, Greg Hooven, Kirk Sutphin, Joe & Odell Thompson, & Doc Watson. (1994)
**DVD-SB21 Southern Banjo Styles, Volume I (2000)
**DVD-SB22 Southern Banjo Styles, Volume II (2001)
**DVD-SB23 Southern Banjo Styles, Volume III (2002)
**DVD-SEG-CF21 Guitar Styles of the Carter Family with Janette Carter (2000)
**DVD-SG29 Early Southern Guitar Styles (2008)

Where to Find Current Recordings:

Items marked ** are available at Mike's website Store.

Items marked * are available from such sources as those listed below.

Note that Folkways LPs are available on special order from Smithsonian Folkways, as CDs dubbed from master recordings.

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