Amerian Folksongs for Children

Animal Folksongs for Children - and Other People with Penny, Barbara, & Peggy Seeger et al. 2-CD set $25
Rounder, 1992

Children and grandchildren of Ruth Crawford Seeger sing all forty three songs from her animal folksongs book, plus an extra fifteen, in a rich variety of voices, instruments, and sounds. Notable Children's Recording, American Library Association. Good listening for adults as well.

Disc 1

  1. Raccoon and Possum
  2. Mister Rabbit
  3. Peep Squirrel
  4. A Squirrel is a Pretty Thing
  5. Cross-eyed Gopher
  6. Muskrat
  7. Old Ground Hog
  8. Snake Baked a Hoecake
  9. Mole in the Ground
  10. Little Dog Named Right
  11. Little Lap Dog Lullabye
  12. Little Brown Dog
  13. Oh, Blue
  14. Old Fox
  15. The Deer Song
  16. And We Hunted and We Hunted
  17. The Gray Goose
  18. Old Lady Goose
  19. The Old Hen Cackled and the Rooster Laid the Egg
  20. My Old Hen's A Good Old Hen
  21. Turkey Song
  22. Shake that Little Foot, Dinah-O
  23. There was an old Frog
  24. Little Pig
  25. The Old Sow
  26. The Little Black Bull
  27. The Old Cow Died
  28. Black Sheep, Black Sheep
  29. The Big Sheep

Disc 2

  1. Old Bell'd Yoe
  2. The Kicking Mule
  3. Whoa Mule! Can't Get the Saddle On
  4. Hop up, My Ladies
  5. Stewball
  6. Riding Round The Cattle
  7. Crocodile Song
  8. Go on, Old 'Gator
  9. Of All The Beast-es
  10. Go to Sleep
  11. Jack, Can I Ride?
  12. Daddy Shot A Bear
  13. Wolves A-Howling
  14. Song of The Doodlebug
  15. Little Birdie
  16. The Sea Fowl
  17. Old Bangum
  18. The Swapping Song
  19. Great Big Dog
  20. Saw a Sow
  21. Turkey in the Straw
  22. Once I Had An Old Gray Mare
  23. Little Rooster
  24. Who Killed Poor Robin?
  25. Lost Gander
  26. The Leatherwing Bat
  27. Jane, Jane
  28. Old Bell Cow
  29. Animal Song

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