There Ain't No Way Out CD $16
Smithsonian Folkways, 1997. Grammy Nominee

The Ramblers recorded these twenty-six tracks in 1996, their first studio recording since 1973. They offer a fresh hearing of old-time, early bluegrass, and Cajun music played on a variety of acoustic instruments. The booklet contains essays and notes by all three Ramblers as well as a discography and photos.

  1. Buck Creek Girls
  2. Skip to My Lou
  3. Jolie Petite Blonde
  4. God's Gonna Ease My Troublin' Mind
  5. Anchored in Love Divine
  6. Last Chance
  7. Weave Room Blues
  8. Sugar Baby
  9. Oh Death
  10. Cumberland Gap
  11. Do You Call That Religion
  12. Crapshooter's Hop
  13. Brown Skin Gal
  14. Abe's Retreat
  15. Big Ball's in Town
  16. Colored Aristocracy
  17. Treat My Daughter Kindly
  18. I'm On My Way to the Old Home
  19. Farewell Sweet Jane
  20. The Girl I Left Behind
  21. Miner's Lament
  22. Shady Grove
  23. Free Little Bird
  24. Rabbit in the Pea Patch
  25. One-Step de RIché
  26. Tom and Jerry

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